Striker, an offensive scanner

Striker is an offensive information and vulnerability scanner.

Just supply a domain name to Striker and it will automatically do the following for you:

  •  Check and Bypass Cloudflare
  •  Retrieve Server and Powered by Headers
  •  Fingerprint the operating system of Web Server
  •  Detect CMS (197+ CMSs are supported)
  •  Launch WPScan if target is using WordPress
  •  Retrieve robots.txt
  •  Check if the target is a honeypot
  •  Port Scan with banner grabbing
  •  Dumps all kind of DNS records
  •  Generate a map for visualizing the attack surface
  •  Gather Emails related to the target
  •  Find websites hosted on the same web server
  •  Find hosts using google
  •  Crawl the website for URLs having parameters
  •  SQLi scan using online implemention of SQLMap (takes < 3 min.)
  •  Basic XSS scanning

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