WMIC commands

Host Enumeration:
— OS Specifics —
wmic os LIST Full (* To obtain the OS Name, use the "caption" property)
wmic computersystem LIST full
— Anti-Virus —
wmic /namespace:\\root\securitycenter2 path antivirusproduct
— Peripherals —
wmic path Win32_PnPdevice
— Installed Updates —
wmic qfe list brief
— Directory Listing and File Search —
wmic DATAFILE where "path='\\Users\\test\\Documents\\'" GET Name,readable,size
wmic DATAFILE where "drive='C:' AND Name like '%password%'" GET Name,readable,size /VALUE
— Local User Accounts —
wmic USERACCOUNT Get Domain,Name,Sid
Domain Enumeration:
— Domain and DC Info —
wmic NTDOMAIN GET DomainControllerAddress,DomainName,Roles /VALUE
— Domain User Info —
wmic /NAMESPACE:\\root\directory\ldap PATH ds_user where "ds_samaccountname='testAccount'" GET
— List All Users —
wmic /NAMESPACE:\\root\directory\ldap PATH ds_user GET ds_samaccountname
— List All Groups —
wmic /NAMESPACE:\\root\directory\ldap PATH ds_group GET ds_samaccountname
— Members of A Group —
wmic /NAMESPACE:\\root\directory\ldap PATH ds_group where "ds_samaccountname='Domain Admins'" Get ds_member /Value
wmic path win32_groupuser where (groupcomponent="win32_group.name="domain admins",domain="YOURDOMAINHERE"")
— List All Computers —
wmic /NAMESPACE:\\root\directory\ldap PATH ds_computer GET ds_samaccountname
wmic /NAMESPACE:\\root\directory\ldap PATH ds_computer GET ds_dnshostname
— Execute Remote Command —
wmic process call create "cmd.exe /c calc.exe"
— Enable Remote Desktop —
wmic rdtoggle where AllowTSConnections="0" call SetAllowTSConnections "1"
wmic /node:remotehost path Win32_TerminalServiceSetting where AllowTSConnections="0" call SetAllowTSConnections "1"

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All kinds of handy information on the system you’re accessing.

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